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an image of a person holding a bird in a cage with the words open your mind on it
Fred Benaglia.
the art room plant: Fred Benaglia.
three people on swings in the sand with birds flying around and one person sitting down
Yara Kono - Author, illustrator and designer - Planeta Tangerina
a person holding up two cards with cartoon animals on them and the words chucou
Hector Dexet. Coucou mes amis les animaux. Editions Hatier.
a drawing of three people standing in front of a bed
Un grande giorno di niente
Un grande giorno di niente | Topipittori
there are many beds in the woods with animals sleeping on them and other things scattered around
/ot/ - off-topic | Cute art, Cute drawings, Art inspiration
an illustrated children's book cover featuring a child with her eyes closed, surrounded by animals
우리 아이를 위한