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the man is kissing the trophy on the podium
a man sitting in a racing car with his helmet on
a man wearing a red hat and looking at the camera with his eyes wide open
charles leclerc
a man holding up a trophy on top of a stage
the words are spelled in different languages on a string with hearts and stars around them
F1 Friendship Bracelet Wallpaper | Mick Schumacher ♥
#formula1 #f1 #wallpaper #wallpapers #friendshipbracelets #friendshipbracelet #mercedes #mickschumacher
the cover of an old book with black and white images on it, in spanish
F1 Wallpaper | Los Carro' de F1 son más Rápido' en Persona
Quoted lyrics from song MONACO by Bad Bunny. #F1Wallpaper #F1Aesthetic #F1Quotes