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In this beginner’s guide to birdwatching, best-selling author and nature illustrator Clare Walker Leslie helps readers develop their observation skills, embrace curiosity, and take a closer look at the birds around them, no matter where they live. Photo by Anna Leslie.
a person holding up a book in their hand with the title how to look at a bird
Open your eyes to the joy of birdwatching with HOW TO LOOK AT A BIRD by best-selling author Clare Walker Leslie. This easy-to-use guide, filled with Leslie’s signature nature journal illustrations, will inspire everyone to notice and appreciate the birds around them, no matter where they live.
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In this stunning new book, ecologist Eric Lee-Mäder and botanical artist Beverly Duncan present a fascinating appreciation of milkweed, an often-overlooked plant, and reveal the many creatures that it supports as the seasons unfold—such as monarch butterflies on their yearly migrations. Illustration by Beverly Duncan.
a person holding up a book in front of some trees and bushes with butterflies on it
Often overlooked or dismissed as a roadside weed, milkweed plays a pivotal role in ecosystems across North America. In THE MILKWEED LANDS ecologist Eric Lee-Mäder and noted botanical artist Beverly Duncan explore the milkweed’s changes throughout the seasons and chronicle the lives of the many creatures—from monarch butterflies to bumble bees—that rely on this remarkable plant.
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Create a butterfly-friendly habitat in your own backyard! In 100 PLANTS TO FEED THE MONARCH, The Xerces Society provides at-a-glance profiles of native plant species that support and nourish monarch butterflies throughout their lives—from dozens of species of milkweed to numerous flowering plants, shrubs, and trees. #MonarchButterflies #PlantingForPollinators
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Get inspired by Mike Lizotte's MINI MEADOWS and try replacing some of the cut grass in your yard with a small patch of colorful flowers to attract bees, butterflies, and more beneficial pollinators throughout the season. Photo by Mars Vilaubi. #PlantingForPollinators #MiniMeadows
a bird is eating a berry on a branch
Birdscaping Your Backyard
Before you start planting for birds, consider the space you have and the species you hope to support with advice for birdscaping your backyard from award-winning author Laura Erickson. Read the full article from 100 PLANTS TO FEED THE BIRDS. Photo by RLSPHOTO/ #PlantingForBirds #BackyardBirding
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Mini Meadows for Your Yard’s Toughest Spots
Whether you live in a drought-prone region or have a stubbornly damp section in the backyard, a mini meadow — a small patch of colorful flowers grown from seed — can thrive and attract beneficial pollinators in even the most challenging landscapes. Learn more in this article from Mike Lizotte’s MINI MEADOWS. Photo by Rob Cardillo. #MiniMeadow #FlowerGardening
a red bird sitting on top of a pine tree next to a book about feed the birds
Build a bird-friendly habitat in your own backyard! With Laura Erickson’s 100 PLANTS TO FEED THE BIRDS, gardeners and nature enthusiasts can design a landscape filled with native plants that provide food and shelter for birds throughout the year. Photo by Michael Vodisansky.
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How to Help Monarch Butterflies
A monarch’s autumn journey south can be dangerous. Every fall, scientists rely on volunteers around the country to tag monarchs with stickers, letting them know where the monarchs started their journey. Learn more about how you and your children can help the monarchs during their amazing migration in MONARCH BUTTERFLIES by Ann Hobbie. Illustration by Olga Baumert.
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Get Your Honey Bees Ready for Winter
August, September, and October are the times to start getting your honey bees ready for the colder months ahead. Learn how to prepare your hive for the winter so that it can thrive in the spring with this advice from Dr. Malcolm Sanford, coauthor of STOREY’S GUIDE TO KEEPING HONEY BEES, 2ND EDITION. Photo by Nicole Pearce on Unsplash.
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In MONARCH BUTTERFLIES, Ann Hobbie presents detailed information about the life cycle of the monarch and its great importance as a pollinator and cultural symbol. Stunning illustrations by Olga Baumert encourage kids to become citizen scientists in their own backyard, with instructions for raising, tagging, and planting for monarch butterflies.
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Kindling Podcast Episode 11: Ann Hobbie and Olga Baumert
Kindling Podcast Episode 11: Ann Hobbie and Olga Baumert - Storey Publishing
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Water for Butterflies
Water for Butterflies - Storey Publishing
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100 Plants to Feed the Bees
Learn what you can do to help protect our pollinators with this user-friendly field guide! #bees #butterflies #pollinators #plantsforbees #forthebees