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the yoga flow for lower back pain is easy to do and it's very effective
Yoga flow for your Lower Back Pain !
morning yoga flow for open hips ( details in notes )
Here’s a morning yoga flow to kick off your daily routine right: Level: intermediate • cat cow • Wide leg table top to eagle leg puppy pose • Single leg child’s pose to thread the needle • Step foot to top corner of mat • Baby side angle • Extended side angle • Low lunge twist / dragon lunge with option to bind • Step to top of mat • Passive squat - half circle wheel optional • Repeat on other side • Option for inversion play 🤍🦋 Follow @thelittleblondeyogi for retreat info and all things yoga
a woman is doing exercises on the floor
the gym yoga
Hump or Bump on the back of your neck? Want to improve your posture? Try this!