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We could do our shapes as an abstraction of Gmail UI shapes.

Street Art

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a drawing of a monkey with an orange eye and some other animals in the background
Samet Türkan on Instagram: "Stabilo point 88 @stabilo #stabilo #point88 #stabilopoint88"
a wooden sculpture with black and brown shapes on it's face, against a white wall
an abstract sculpture made out of wood and black and white shapes on a white wall
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Artwork by Vova Titov | Original Paintings and wooden sculptures for sale
a sculpture made out of wood on a gray wall next to a wooden block with sticks sticking out of it
Wood Scraps 1
a wall mounted sculpture on the side of a white wall next to a stair case
LED Stairway Wall Lamp with Rectangular Metallic Shade Dark Wood Wall Sconce Lighting - Clearhalo
a black and white sculpture on the wall