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an image of classic cars from the fifties to the'50s and'60s
Classic Hillman Fine Art Print - Hunter Super Minx Arrow Imp Husky Avenger Tiger
Classic Hillman - Fine Art Print Print Size: 330mm x 315mm (13" x 12.5" inches) Condition: Mint (new) The Picture (above): shows the whole print. The Hillman Motor Car Company, founded in 1907, was one of the great marques to come out of Coventry England. Its stablemates in a British tradition of badge engineering where Humber, Sunbeam, Commer, Karrier and later Singer. The umbrella organization Rootes Group was the epitome of all that was British. Its owner was none less than Lord Rootes from the House of Lords. Rootes made steadfastly solid reliable vehicles, with a large helping of engineering stodge and conservatism. They had a patriotic following but like so much else in Britain the modern realities of industrial unrest and the economics of the late 60's and early 70's forced Rootes
an airplane that is sitting on the ground
The Johnny dodger
an advertisement for the delapidator's series of cars and trucks
105: Maximum Security Vehicle
105: Maximum Security Vehicle – Dinky Toys: TV Shows, Space and Specials
an image of a green fighter jet cut out and labeled in blueprint or paper
the batmobile from batman movie poster
30 Interesting Facts About The World Masterfully Crafted Into Visual Infographics
Batmobile, From 1966 To 2016
a wooden model of an old fashioned steam engine with gears and wheels, on top of a wood table
3d Wooden Puzzle Airship Model Kits For Adults Model Building Kit Brain Teaser For Adults To Build Hand Craft Mechanical
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a large white sail boat floating on top of water
3D & Animation online courses for creative professionals | Domestika