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Even if you're not a designer, you CAN use visual content marketing to attract your target market, find your idea customer, get more traffic, and build…
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How to Choose a Business Name You'll Love Today, Tomorrow, and 5 Years from Now
Need ideas for naming your business? A unique business name that stands the test of time is crucial for a successful business. Here's how to come up with a business name you'll love today, tomorrow, and five years from now! #businessbranding #startup #whatsinaname via @BigBrandSystem
a woman with braids smiling and the words how to make your business successful way faster
How to Make Your Business Successful Way Faster
Build your online business with ease using these 17 free business resources from BIG Brand System! Pamela Wilson can help you achieve online business success way faster. Click here to speed up your journey to success today.
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How to Write Website Content Like a Pro: A Beginner's Guide
A complete website content checklist for beginners! Wondering about writing website content when your site is new? Pamela Wilson, author of Master Content Marketing, is here with a smart strategy for getting your website pages written and published in the right order. Click through for in-depth tips for planning and writing winning blog posts and content marketing. #onlinebusiness #contentmarketing via @BigBrandSystem
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Easy Brand-Changing Color Strategy
Big Brand System’s simple way for picking two main brand colors means you’re just a few tips and two colors away from better branding. If you’re ready to learn what it takes to implement brand-changing color strategy that leads to the best two-color combo for your brand, click this pin to read all about it. #diydesign #designtips #onlinebusiness #theimagelab
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Brand your business with stunning images: free workshop!
You — yes, you! — can create visual content like a pro. It's easy (and fun!) when you learn the Design Laws that govern all image creation. Get started today with this 100% free, on-demand workshop
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Discover Your Brand Identity with this Free Brand Personality Quiz
Take this brand personality quiz: It's just 5 minutes and 6 simple questions! Use your brand personality to design and build a brand style that expresses it perfectly. Make your brand typography and brand colors work for you!
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Visual Branding with a Color Palette
“What colors work for my business?” That’s an important question, and I’m here to help you brand your business with color! In this post I share how to choose great business colors so you can create a brand-specific color palette. Click this pin to learn how to nail down the best colors for your brand. #diydesign #designtips #onlinebusiness #bigbrandsystem #bigleague #theimagelab
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Create a Powerful Brand Color Palette: 5 Tips
Is it scary and confusing to find your best business color? It can be overwhelming to create a brand-specific color palette when you’re not sure how or where to start. I’m here to help you resolve any brand palette color confusion with 5 techniques you can learn in just minutes. Click this pin for business color made simple! #diydesign #designtips #bigbrandsystem #theimagelab
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Brand your business with stunning images: free workshop!
Do you use visual marketing to get people to your website? This strategy is for everyone — no design degree required! Learn how to make visual marketing for your website and social media: Click to register for this free workshop. #branding #visualcontent #diydesign
a person holding up a question sign with the words, personal brand or business brand?
Should You Build a Personal Brand or a Business Brand?
Will your brand revolve around your name or a business name? Discover the pros and cons of each path so you can make the best decision for your own business. #onlinebusiness #businessbranding #personalbrand #startupbusiness
a living room with pictures on the wall and text overlay that reads, discovering easy steps to make a simple logo for your business
Discover Easy Steps to Make a Simple Logo for Your Business
You don’t have to hire expensive designers to make a logo for your business - you can create one yourself! Read this article now to follow easy steps to make a simple wordmark logo for your online business. Click here to start making yours now.
two steps to choosing the right brand colors
The Simplest Way to Choose Your Brand Colors in Just 2 Steps
Need a brand color palette for your business? Here's a simple, 2-step method even non-designers can use to pick beautiful brand colors. #branding #diydesign
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Homepage Design Ideas: How to Make Money from “Hello”
Wondering how to design your homepage so it makes you money? First off ... KISS. Keep It Simple, Silly! Grab the free guide here and discover why simple, clear homepages that don't confuse are best for your online business. #onlinebusinessideas #onlinebusinesstips #onlinebusiness #homepagedesign #webdesign #onlinemarketing via @BigBrandSystem
a painting with the words start designing your own branded images click to start watching the free workshop now
Start Designing Your Own Branded Images
Make your online business known by using beautiful branded images. You can create one even if you’re not a professional designer! Learn from the best in this free resource from BIG Brand System today. A free workshop is waiting for you so you can start creating awesome branded images you can use anywhere! Click here to get started.
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How to Use Images in Your Content Marketing
Grab attention in a split second when you use content marketing images! Read to learn how they help businesses to grow and to communicate with their audience. Powerful images are everywhere — and you can make them yourself. Find out how: Read more in this helpful article from BIG Brand System. #contentmarketing #visualcontent #diydesign #designtips #theimagelab