Digital Painting Academy

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Black Friday for Digital Artists
If you've had your eye on the Digital Painting Academy for a while, now's the perfect time to hop on board! This week, with the Black Friday bundle, you'll not only get a year in the DPA but also receive two of our favorite courses included in the bundle.Hurry up! The Bundle expires on the 26th at midnight!
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Digital Painting Bootcamp
Join our free Digital painting bootcamp and take your artwork from 'okay' to realistic in just 5 days. Learn how to sketch, draw correct proportions, how to pick the right colors and how to develop your own art style. Click through to get started! :apple:
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FREE Digital Art Course
But what is this digital art course? Here's what you're getting: 5 videos that teaches you how to observe reference photos, sketch in proportion, pick the correct colors and render realistic objects. Get the free course :fire: