Around Morris County, NJ

Familiar places in my old home area.
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a small wooden house with a hot tub
This Cabin Proves Tiny Homes Can Be Luxurious
This Cabin Proves Tiny Homes Can Be Luxurious ;) Tiny House With Hot Tub - Unique Minimalist Homes - Country Living
an empty street in front of a large building
Old Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital, Morristown, NJ. I've been inside and met some of the patients. It was a creepy place and it smelled funny.
an old truck is parked on the side of the road in front of some trees
1950's Dugan's Bakery truck - delivered to our neighbors every week : [
the inside of a restaurant with tables covered in red and white checkered tablecloths
Morris County, NJ Shopping, Sales, Coupons & Discount Gift Certificates | NJ Best Buys: Site Inactive
arthur's tavern - morristown, nj
an old car driving down the road in front of a large crowd at a sporting event
Glimpse of History: A first-place magic moment in Morristown
Drivers who went on to fame in national racing circles, including Lee Petty, Johnny Parsons, Dick Rathman and Buck Baker, all made appearances at the Morristown Speedway, as the track was part of the NASCAR cup series from 1951 through 1955.
an old church with a steeple surrounded by trees
Flickriver: Photoset 'Morristown, NJ' by lumierefl
Morristown Methodist, Morristown, NJ - Google Search
an old brick building lit up at night with the moon in the sky above it
The Publick House - Chester NJ
Chester, New Jersey Publick House
a paved path with trees and buildings in the background
Mendham Office - Mendham, NJ - Coldwell Banker Realty
County College of Morris, Randolph NJ
a sign in front of a large white house that has a turkey farm on it
11/26/00 Larison's Turkey Farm
Larison's Turkey Farm with food served family style in Chester, NJ - Google Search
an aerial view of the countryside with trees in fall colors and hills in the background
In sum, NJ is a fantastic place to call home whether you want to believe it or not.
beautiful Long Valley, New Jersey.
an old church with a clock tower in the middle of it's front yard
Morristown's History
1st Presbyterian Church - Park Place, Morristown Nj
a large red barn sitting next to a river with a waterfall in front of it
IMG_8973-01-5x7 by Phil Smith
Red Mill in Clinton, New Jersery was built around 1812 to process wool. Another mill was built across the river to grind grain into flour and meal. Today the site is known as The Red Mill Museum Village