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a painting with yellow flowers on it
Artist Spotlight: Icelandic Artist Loji Höskuldsson
a piece of art that is hanging on the side of a wall and has some designs on it
Rebecca Compton c.1930s
an abstract painting with various shapes and sizes on it's white paper, framed in wood frame
Balint Zsako on Instagram: “And my mom too! Anna Torma at Papier Montreal with @galerielarochejoncas . @tormaanna #annatorma #textile #embroidery @foirepapier…”
an abstract painting with colorful shapes and lines on white paper that has been drawn by someone's hand
Inspiration Dump: Embroidery Style
embroidery by Japanese artist Takashi Iwasaki:
a close up of a piece of cloth with different designs on it
sewn | Carin Goldberg
a white table cloth covered in lots of different shapes and sizes
Carin Goldberg 2013
four magazines with different designs on them
VIEW textile
VIEW textile : sandra dufour
a close up of a cross stitch pattern with different colors and shapes on white fabric
Jordan Nassar Traces History of Palestine with New Works in his Second Solo Exhibition