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a woman laying on top of a white table with a cell phone in her hand
TTPD era
a woman in a dress with writing on it is performing at a sporting event and has her arms stretched out
𓂃· ⋆ 𝚃𝚊𝚢𝚕𝚘𝚛 ⋆ ·𓂃
the woman is performing on stage with her microphone
Eras Tour in Dublin. My photo edit / PLS GIVE CREDITS
a woman holding a knife over her face with the caption draw the cat eye sharp enough to kill man
vigilante shit sh*t core drawing midnights bodysuit dress lavender haze midnights era bejeweled lavender haze jacket outfit cute vigilante shit you're on your own kid midnight rain mastermind anti hero antihero karma maroon paris hits different taylor swift aesthetic eras tour the movie the show the man debut taylors version aesthetic fearless tv speak now red all too well 1989 taylor's version quote tswizzle ts ttpd tsttpd the tortured poets department rep reputation lover folklore evermore vibes midnights core blurry
the woman is dressed in white feathers and holding a microphone
ttpd 🤍🪽
the woman is dressed in white feathers and posing
taylor swift performing on stage at the 2013 american music awards in los angeles, california