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kids are playing with soccer balls in the yard
10 Juegos con Pelotas
children are playing with yellow frisbees on the court
Celebrating 2012
Game: Frisbee dodgeball! Rules: Line up opposing teams, facing each other across a large room, field, or gym. Place the Frisbees in the center of play. When the green light is given, both teams run to the center to grab frisbees If you are hit, you are side-lined.If you catch a Frisbee, you free a team mate from the sideline. Play it out until one team is all side-lined.
Four Circle - PE & Gym Game
It's NEXT-LEVEL Four Square. Since your square is a hoop, you can move it after every hit. It's one of the many games I use in my Striking/Four Square Unit (the last game in the blog). #physed #recess #teaching #physicaleducation #elempe #secpe #gymgames #gymteacher #peteacher gym games P.E. #games
children are playing in an indoor trampoline course
Gymles groep 5/6 Uniaskoalle 3 hoeken
a group of people standing on top of each other in front of a basketball court
Warmup (14-18+ yrs) - Team Cooperation games
SVP Grade 5 - PE Cooperative Games Activities - YouTube