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a three tiered cake is decorated with houses and trees on the side, while snowflakes are falling from the sky
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a wedding cake is decorated with orange roses and a bride and groom figurine
Jana Kahánková | Mistr cukrář | Wedding anniversary cakes, Classic wedding cake, Wedding cakes with cupcakes
a three tiered purple and white wedding cake with flowers on the top, sitting on a silver platter
Square purple and white layers wedding cake
Purple and White Wedding Cake by oldrose
a three tiered cake decorated with flowers and leaves on a white tablecloth next to a penny
The Prettiest & Unique Wedding Cakes We’ve Ever Seen
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there is a cake that has pink icing on it
Simple Cake Frosting Designs
a three tiered wedding cake with pink flowers on it
Fake Cake
(Ocelle) Fake Cake