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two cans of alcohol paint next to each other with the words how to seal and protect
How to Seal and Protect your Alcohol Ink Painting on Canvas
alcohol ink playtime with flowers in a vase
Alcohol Ink playtime - floral bouquet
a person writing on a piece of paper with a pen in their left hand and stars around it
Amazing Alcohol Ink Cards Using Hardware Store Foil - Hop-A-Long Studio
Are you looking for alternative surfaces to use alcohol inks on? Yupo isn’t the only surface that you can use for alcohol inks. There are so many ways to create beautiful alcohol ink cards using hardware store foil and other household items. Once you have applied metal ducting tape or aluminum foil to 110lb cardstock, you are ready to start altering the foil. You can use the foil backgrounds as is, use an embossing machine and embossing plates, or use a stylus to create unique backgrounds.
the supplies needed to make an acrylic painting are displayed on a wooden surface
Q+A Demo: Alcohol Ink: Part 1
Q+A Demo: Alcohol Ink: Part 1 | Tim Holtz
someone is pouring something out of a bottle
Fun with Alcohol Ink - Part 1
Doodlebugs: Fun with Alcohol Ink - Part 1
an image of embossing powder and alcohol ink
Embossing Powder and Alcohol Ink Background Technique
three different colors of fabric sitting on top of a cloth covered in paper maching
Spraying Homemade Alcohol Ink onto Fabric
a hand holding a colorful glass bowl on top of a wooden table
Plastic Wrap Alcohol Ink on Small Ceramic Bowl