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How do you Make Pastel Colors?
Mica Powder
How to Make Pastel Colors with Pigment Powders?
How to Make Pastel Pigments!
How to Make Pastel Pigments!
How Does Being an Artist Affect Motherhood?
🤔 How have your creative practices impacted your life as a mom? 🤗 Take a glimpse at what some of the incredible Moms in the MEYSPRING Community have to say! For more, check out our blog! 🫶 Are you a creative mom? Share your thoughts with us in the comments! Artists featured: @BrushedRestorations @SamAndSeaArtistry @drinks.on.me19 @Islaluna_Co @leviartstudios @liadiadesigns
What's Epoxy Resin?
Epoxy resin is an excellent medium for preserving flowers in perpetual bloom, making river tables, and recreating the beauty of natural geodes or ocean scenes. So, if you are eager to dive into its various applications, Save this Pin and follow the link. We've got the answer to the burning question: "What's resin?" and how you can make it a part of your creative journey.
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Mastering Resin Measuring and Mixing Techniques: Tips for Perfect Results in Your Epoxy Crafts
Can you Make Epoxy Pigment Paste?
🤓 The proof is in the pudding, as they say - MEYSPRING's DIY Pigment Paste is easy to make, beginner-friendly, budget-friendly, AND creates gorgeous, shimmery cells perfect for resin seascapes! ✍ Watch @CoralWayDesigns show how simple it is to make epoxy paste with MEYSPRING's White Pearl Mica Powder & Resin Part A! Save money by having 2 pigments in 1, and have access to freshly made paste whenever you need it! We'd call that a win-win! 🥳 Click the link for the full tutorial!
What Mica Powders are Safe for Lips?
Unveiling the beauty and safety of mica powder in lip products - watch this video for stunning effects and FDA recommendations.
How to Color Lip Gloss with Mica!
Check out MEYSPRING's Tutorial on Making DIY lip gloss with lip-safe micas!
Can you use Mica Powder in Lip Gloss?
Calling all makeup enthusiasts and ingredient-conscious individuals! Dive into the realm of DIY makeup and learn about the safety of mica powder in lip products through this captivating video.
a woman standing in front of a tree with a quote above her that reads, i don't think i'll ever be the same over again
Celebrating Artist-moms of MEYSPRING
Celebrating Artist-moms of MEYSPRING | Motherhood & Art
How to Make Foamy Resin Waves!
🏖🏄 Catch some sunny beachside vibes from our MEYSPRING Blues and @SamAndSeaArtistry making some resin waves! 🌊💡Resin Wave Pro-Tip: Don't worry about making cells form right away! This BTS shows a perfect example of getting your waves in place and then cells beginning to develop on their own! Then, once you've blown out your waves, let them sit for a few minutes before going over with a heat gun or isopropyl alcohol! Check out our blog (linked) for more Resin Seascape tips!
a woman holding up many different colored brushes in her hands with the caption, find that balance between being a mom and being you
Celebrating Artist-moms of MEYSPRING
How do You Pursue Your Creative Hobbies While Being a Mom?
✨ Attention all Moms! ✨ If you think it's impossible to pursue your creative passions while starting a family and raising kids, think again. 💖 To celebrate Mother’s Day, we'll be highlighting the emotional benefits of pursing your creative passions by sharing eight candid stories from inspirational and hardworking artist-moms in our very own MEYSPRING Community all weekend long! 😄First up - Sam Hiegel of @SamAndSeaArtistry!