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some red leaves are growing in a pot
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an orange tree in the middle of a forest
Acer palmatum 'Ornatum'
a close up of a red leaf on a plant
New spring leaves Acer palmatum 'Beni-Maiko'
red leaves on a tree in the fall
Acer Pal Fujinan Nishiki
some green leaves and red berries on a bushy branch with blue sky in the background
Acer palmatum 'Gwen's Rose Delight' (Shirazz)
Acer palmatum 'Gwen's Rose Delight' (Shirazz) at Dawe’s Arboretum, by Karl Gercens, vF 7-12-24
an orange tree with yellow leaves in the fall season is photographed from above, and has red stems on both sides
an image of autumn leaves arranged in the shape of numbers on a black surface with white writing
a potted plant sitting in the middle of a garden
These are the best small garden trees
many different types of plants in pots on the ground
an image of autumn leaves on the ground with words below it that read, color swatches
Fall color