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a man and woman holding a pie with the words american wedding in front of them
an american pie movie poster with people all over it and one person holding a knife
a man with an electric guitar in front of a poster for the movie young einstein
the 6th anniversary poster for six candles, featuring a woman standing next to a candle
the movie poster for real genius
an advertisement for the real genius show
a movie poster with a man holding a piece of paper in front of his face
the movie advertises that there are two people kissing and one is holding a pink sign
a movie poster with two people and one is holding up a cell phone in the air
Classic Films, Better Off Dead, Classic Movies
the movie poster for une soiree denfer, starring actors from different eras
the movie poster for 40 and 40 days and nights with two people hugging each other
the movie poster for adventureland
a movie poster for the film nerds
the movie poster for footloose starring actors and actress, from which they appear to be in love