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three action figures are posed in front of an advertisement for the japanese toy company's robot
Tokusou Exceedraft
an advertisement for the japanese children's television series power rangers
a man in a space suit holding two swords and standing next to an orange sky
an open book with pictures of people in costumes
Kidou Keiji Jiban
Kidou Keiji Jiban
Fox, Art, Art Inspo, Japan, Quick Saves
an advertisement for a motorcycle helmet with pictures of people riding on motorcycles in the background
two people dressed in red and black costumes holding swords while standing next to each other
Shuriken Sentai Ninninger
an image of a robot that is in the middle of a magazine cover with words on it
Juukou B-Fighter
Special Rescue Exceedraft
Special Rescue Exceedraft
a magazine cover with an image of some people in helmets