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a pink and white dress hanging from a clothes line
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an embroidered pot holder hanging on the wall with flowers and children's clothing in it
Papa Bear, Mama Bear & Baby Bear {vintage embroidery}
little pumpkin grace: Papa Bear, Mama Bear & Baby Bear {vintage embroidery}
two pieces of cloth with embroidered flowers on them, one is blue and the other has white lace
Handkerchief Sachets Mother's Day Gift Idea | Skip To My Lou
the apron is decorated with an image of a rabbit
Mama and baby deer apron, love this!
a white and blue flowered bag with a black bead on it's handle
Vintage Hanky Tote Tutorial - The Cottage Mama
a pink and white tote bag with flowers on it hanging from a hook in a closet
Vintage Hankie purse/tote
Vintage Hankie appliqued on a purse/tote bag Find vintage hankies here:
a woman wearing a pink and blue apron with white flowers on it's side
a dress hanging on a clothes line with an apple and cherries appliqued on it
Vintage Linen Dress Size 2/3 - Etsy
Vintage Linen Dress Size 2/3 - Etsy