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an egyptian man standing in front of a large statue
The entrance to the Nefertari Temple, Abu Simbel temple complex located on the Nasser Lake, Lower Nubia, Egypt
an image of egyptian paintings on the wall
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Ancient Egypt: Tomb of Huy. 18th dynasty. How the Egyptians saw the Nubian elite. Center figure is identified as Hekanefer, The Prince of Miam. (Now Sudan).
an ancient egyptian painting on display in a museum or museum room with light coming through the window
Ouret cobra, Anubis-Wepwawet dog. Relief from the funerary temple of Amenemhat I at Lisht. 12th dynasty.
an ancient room with paintings on the walls
Ramsés II Abu Simbel
an egyptian painting on the side of a rock
Torino, Museo Egizio, Göttin Maat auf einem Mumiensarg (Goddess Maat on a mummy coffin)
Egyptian goddess Maat on a mummy coffin. Torino, Museo Egizio
an ancient painting on the side of a building with writing in egyptian script and symbols
National Geographic
Pictures: Ancient Egyptian Tombs Found With False Doors
two pairs of gold sandals sitting on top of a black surface
History Daily
Gold sandals found on the mummy of the Pharaoh Heqakheperre Shoshenq II (887–885 BC).
an egyptian statue is shown against a blue background
Luxury Egypt Tours
Easter Nile Cruises Offers; The crowned head of Queen Nefertiti.
some ancient paintings on the side of a wall in an egyptian style building with two men standing next to each other
Osorkon II — Wikipédia
Cartouche d'Osorkon II figurant dans sa tombe à Tanis
an elaborately designed chair sits on display in a museum
King Tutankhamun's Chair
an ancient statue of a seated monkey
Figure of a Baboon | Late Period | The Metropolitan Museum of Art
baboon at the MET