Discover the perfect Yukata outfit to embrace the elegance of traditional Japanese fashion. Browse through our top ideas and create a stunning look for any occasion.
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How to wear a yukata

Yukata, a Japanese traditional casual wear, is now available for WOMEN and GIRLS! Its traditional coloring and design are arranged to make one of the contemporary wardrobes. It is 100% of cotton. Please enjoy Yukata’s authentic texture and comfortability.

Imogene Imada
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Colorful Yukata Women's Cotton Magnolia - M / Black

This cotton yukata is an easy-to-wear item and is quite popular as comfortable room wear, bathrobe, etc. It comes with a sash attached in the sleeves, easy to put on even without assistance. This design is magnolias and birds. The soft color and magnolias gentry harmonized. It makes you relax. Magnolia is frequently taken in a traditional poems in Japan. It blooms almost the same time as cherry blossoms. Please note that there is an individual difference in how the pattern appears…

~• Akemi Kocho •~
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Japanese Yukata Kimono - Regular Size

Shop traditional and authentic Japanese yukatas in beautiful patterns. Known as the summer kimono, a yukata is an authentic casual Japanese garment that is perfect for many festive occasions. People love its vibrant colors, affordable prices, and breathable materials. These are regular yukatas and they can fit a wide r

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