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The Faith-Filled Grandmother Book - Why I Wrote It -

The Faith-Filled Grandmother While I was visiting with friends they ask me about the process of writing my latest book and they found it interesting so I thought I would share it with you too. It’s a good reminder to “never say never.” After I wrote the book Mom PhD in 2004 I thought I...

Ruth Lowery Clark
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Why Should You Write With Your Students?

Hello, friends! Thank you for stopping by today. I'd like to share something I tried this week that was a super huge motivator for my student writers -- writing WITH them. I'm also linking up with the super amazing Joanne from Head Over Heels for Teaching. (Joanne and I bonded immediately over our shared love of the exclamation point!) I have been doing Writing Circles with my two writing classes for the past four weeks. What are Writing Cirlces? Here's a quick tutorial or you can click on…

Cheryl Hanson