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Embark on an unforgettable journey to Qatar and discover its hidden treasures. From mesmerizing landscapes to cultural wonders, find the best travel ideas to make your trip to Qatar truly memorable.
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Qatar Airways and the Qsuite Last month Qatar Airways invited me to fly from Los Angeles to Qatar with them. I usually turn down airline invitations since I fly enough anyway. Another 30+ hours of flying for the sole purpose of flying? No thanks. But this was different. Qatar Airways

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I recently visited Doha during a stopover to the Maldives with Qatar Airways where I explored Doha for 4 days. Doha has always been a destination I was curious about so when I was invited to explore Doha I was super excited! Doha is a destination for all travelers, offering local experiences, amazing local cuisine,

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My recent trip to Qatar gave me a little bit of a packing challenge: what to pack for heat and humidity well over 100-degrees Fahrenheit that provides enough coverage. The solution was linen, light cotton, and some interchangeable pieces.

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