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Boost your school's success with these creative PTA fundraising ideas. Get inspired to raise funds and support educational programs for students. Join our community and make a difference today!
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The Best Fundraiser Ideas for Your School’s PTO / PTA

Here are 20 theme ideas to make your PTO / PTA fundraising event a success! Hosting a themed fundraiser for your PTO / PTA is a much better way to boost your donations than simply asking for cash. If you want to put on a memorable event for people that also benefits your school, we’ve compiled a list of 20 unique event ideas, from weekend nights out to food-focused parties. Let this year see your biggest fundraising success ever! Fuel Your Inner Competitor Competition brings out the best in…

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Brilliant PTA Fundraising Ideas that are Easy

If you're looking for a sponsor a day calendar fundraiser template or pick a day calendar fundraiser for your sports team or athletic club try these ideas. See how you can raise money for your school athletic team in record time by following these simple tips! Pick a date to donate fundraiser ideas are here to stay!

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Four Fundraisers to Avoid At All Costs

Your time as a PTO volunteer is pretty precious. There's only so much time in a day and you want to ensure you're spending your time wisely. So it doesn't make sense to waste time

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