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igbo traditional wedding

The Igbo tribe of Nigeria has a rich cultural heritage, which is reflected in their traditional wedding attire. The Igbo traditional wedding, also known as Igba Nkwu or Wine-Carrying Ceremony, is a vibrant celebration of love, family, and culture.…

National dress of Nigeria. Colorful clothing of Nigerian tribes - Nigerian Tribes, Single Piece Dress, Nigerian Culture, Nigerian Outfits, Nigerian Dress, Mode Retro, Design Moda, Nigerian Styles, National Dress

National dress of Nigeria. Colorful clothing of Nigerian tribes

The Federal Republic of Nigeria is a not very large, though rather populous country of West Africa. About 150 million of people live in Nigeria. So, the clothing traditions of its population are various. Some of the traditional dresses in Nigeria root back to ancients tribes who lived here centuries ago, others were formed by the influence of British, Portuguese and French colonizers (19-20th centuries). Today many people in Nigeria use modern clothes, western style of attire. But still…

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