Discover the art of marquetry and enhance your home decor with stunning designs. Explore top ideas to add a touch of elegance and craftsmanship to your living space.
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Tone and Texture in Marquetry - The Art of Marquetry

June 2014 Publish in Marquetarian and American Marquetry Journals I was recently thinking about the drawing elements of line, tone and texture in relationship to marquetry. We do not (often) see a marquetry picture comprised of lines as we would in a line drawing with pencil on paper. I came across a book on technical drawing of buildings (Drawing Techniques for Designers by

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Images in Wood – Marquetry by British Artist Chelsea Vivash | OEN

This interesting cross section between art and craft continues to fascinate me and is an area that I think is still lacking in exploration. It seems as though craftsmen value the traditional skills and approach the production phase much like an architect would, thinking heavily about form and structure. An artist on the other hand

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The Marquetry style, in keeping with Ledbury Studio’s other kitchen designs is a contemporary take on traditional artisanal skills. Directional crosslaid veneers are applied by hand in an exquisite herringbone marquetry design, accented with liquid metal bronze inlays on the doors, and custom designed bronze bar handles. These kitchens make a real statement with their sleek uncluttered design and exquisite detailing throughout, combining beautiful materials and quality craftsmanship in a new…

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Rosewood, Wenge and Marquetry - A Small Table Called Yellowthroats — Craig Vandall Stevens

Yellowthroats is a piece I’ve been imagining for quite some time. The idea began with a basic leg shape I had in mind and a wish to create a piece with a very dark and rich feel. As with all of my pieces, I made a full-size mock up of the table which helped me arrive at the proportions. More about m


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