Full hand tattoo

Express your unique style with a full hand tattoo. Explore stunning designs and find inspiration for your next ink masterpiece. Dare to be different and make a statement with a full hand tattoo.
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50 Tattoo Regrets That Got A Major Upgrade

When I got my first tattoo, there were a lot of things I worried about. What if the design I picked doesn't transfer well on the skin? What if the artist gets a hand (or brain) tremor and I end up with one of those tattoos from the realm of "No Ragrets"? What if the tattoo ages horribly and bleeds out into the skin later?

neil mcc
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This Artist Create Terrifying Body Art And The Results Are Breathtaking

Our body is a canvas. While some people get tattoos or do makeup to play with their canvas so to say, others choose to create something beautiful with body paint. The artist we are featuring today falls into the latter category. We have all seen body paints done before but this is different since they

Ralph Johnson