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Immerse yourself in the diverse and captivating world of DND races. Discover the unique abilities, backstories, and characteristics of each race. Choose the perfect race for your next epic adventure.
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Spriggan A D&D 5e Race - Unleash the Powers of Nature upon your foes with these angry giants

While working on Steinhardt's Guide, we're also making some additional content on the side, notably Legends of the Roundtable. Turns out spriggans are also part of the legend of King Arthur, and were not, in fact, invented by Skyrim. Which makes sense, but surprised me nonetheless. I definitely played a bit too much of that game back in the days haha. Turns out in the legends, they are quite tiny, but also quite angry. Some sort of vegan dwarves if you will.You’ll notice that one of the…

Asterina Newland