DIY Floral Arrangement

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DIY Faux Floral Arrangement
Difficulty: Easy Tips: 🌷 Choose a variety of floral stems in colors that compliment each other or your decor. 🌷 Select 1 - 3 stems of each kind. 🌷 Use floral tape to create a grid pattern at the top of your vase. This will help to hold your stems in place while you work. 🌷 Start your arrangement with the highest stems in the back and work your way to the front. 🌷 Step back and take a look. Move things around if necessary until they are visually appealing to you.
DIY Pearl Bouquet Vase
Difficulty: Easy Supplies: • 💐 Store bought flowers (roses, peonies and greenery) • 💐 Pearl Stems or any accessory • 💐 Decorative vase or candle holder • 💐 Clear vase filled with water
DIY Floral Arrangement
Difficulty: Easy Supplies: • Vase • Store bought flowers