Italian Recipes

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a black and white drawing of a frame with the words casa cecatelli
Casa Ceccatelli - Casa Ceccatelli Tuscan Grilled Fiorentina Steak - Since 1890
some food is laying on a cutting board and ready to be eaten with the words how to make italian stromboli
Italian Stromboli Recipe | Salami & Mozzarella - This Delicious House
1h 50m
a slice of lasagna with meat and cheese on a plate next to a fork
Veal and Spinach Lasagna
Veal and Spinach Lasagna | Saveur
a glass casserole dish filled with meat and cheese covered in sauce, on a table
How to Make a Crowd-Pleasing Classic Baked Ziti
1h 15m
a white plate topped with pasta covered in sauce
Simple Bolognese
Simple Bolognese | Giadzy