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an open door leading to a white staircase
Dover Heights Wainscoting Dream - Intrim Mouldings
Intrim Mouldings paired with parquetry flooring & plush pearl-coloured carpet is everyone's dream home turned into a reality.
an open doorway leading to a living room with white walls and wood floors, along with a bench in the middle
London interior designer | Catherine Wilman Interiors | England
an entry way leading to a white door and some stairs with wooden handrails
depA, Margarida Leitão, José Campos · Rosario House
an empty room with a staircase and hard wood floors
Oblong Valley Greek Revival / Hendricks Churchill
a white room with stairs and a table in the middle, on instagrams
Le mas des oliviers in Ramatuelle - AboutDecorationBlog
Le mas des oliviers in Ramatuelle by Joseph Dirand
the stairs are made of wood and have no railings or rails on each side
PH House by Norm Architects | Living space
an empty room with some stairs in it
Home tour | The PH House by Norm Architects | These Four Walls