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some paper cut outs are being used to make decorative wall hangings for the home
Artist, bookbinding. on Instagram: "1; 2; 3 de mis troqueles! Iniciando serie de tips. Qué te gustaría saber de mi modo de crear?"
the yellow tassel is on top of some fabric with flowers and other things around it
Shared Explore Post | Etsy
Shared Explore Post | Etsy
an art journal with flowers on it and some papers taped to the side that have been altered
Diario basura hecho a mano, flores y lluvia bordadas. revista de arte. Libro y cuaderno. Diario de jardín. Textil. revista de arte tela de cubierta suave - Etsy México
an open book with altered images on it
Diario basura morado hecho a mano. Encaje y bordado. Revistas - Etsy México
A purple girl. Is it you?
a wall hanging made up of several different types of stones and circles on it's side
Australian style: meet the designers at the forefront of contemporary Australian design
a piece of art that is made out of different types of tiles and papers with writing on them
Handmade Canadian Ceramic Pottery: Jewelry & Mugs | Dotti Potts Studio