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Art journal, it's a "journal of art". A personal art journal where we come to express something personal, our emotions, an idea, reflections, or simply express…
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a card with an image of a woman's hair and buttons on it
Junk Journal Handmade. Sweet Delights, Cupcakes, Lollipops, Candies, Art Journal. 6 Signatures. Hard Cover, Chuby Notebook, Recipe Scrapbook - Etsy
an open book on top of a wooden table covered in papers and fabric pieces, with a teddy bear
Children Junk Journal Handmade. Large Art Journal With Fabric Doll. Intervened Old Children's Gold Book, Paper, Cloth, Lace, Collage Vintage - Etsy
Album, for notes, other structures
Album, for notes, other structures. Neutral colors, an album for artist's book. Learning
a person is holding an open book in their left hand and touching it with the other hand
Artist, bookbinding. on Instagram: "A special personalized book. Something I had not done yet. I like to solve dreams and whims. Which one is yours?"
three rolls of fabric sitting next to each other on top of a wooden tablecloth covered floor
Artist, bookbinding. on Instagram: "We recently made a trip to Rosario (thanks daughter!) Four people offered me fabrics, buttons, lace, old embroideries, papers, treasures that I used in this collection!!!! Rescuing, recycling, mending, sewing, putting back in value these objects fills me with hope and good! They are already in the store. Small collection of 4. Neutral colors so that the textures and your creations are the protagonists. What would you use them on? #upcycling #recycling #assamblage #zerowaste #vintage #junkjournal #artjournal #junkjournaling #gratitude #etsy #etsyshop #etsysellersofinstagram"
someone is wrapping up a small book on a wooden table with other items around it
Spring art journal,junk journal handmade.
Spring art journal,junk journal handmade.
an altered photograph of a flower on a piece of paper with some writing underneath it
Journal page, dandelion and wishes.
(On the table, journal page: a dandelion and some wishes. As they say, help yourself, I'll help you.)
Handmade junk journal. Friends art journal. Love themed. Heart milacre
Handmade junk journal. Friends art journal. Love themed. Heart milacre. Embroidered cover, pack goodies, textile fabric notebook, soft cover
an open book with pictures and ribbons on it
house book close-ups
Pam Garrison's Art and Journals... This is her House Book... See more close up details on her fabulous blog.
an open book sitting on top of a carpeted floor next to another open book
Handmade Book Artist Spotlight: DJ Gaskin -
Handmade Book Artist Spotlight: DJ Gaskin -