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a book about unwinding and how to break the cycles of worry and fear
Unwinding Anxiety
This may be the only book on anxiety you'll ever need. Drawing on his lab's latest neuroscience and clinically proven techniques, Dr. Brewer ingeniously reveals why anxiety loops are so hard to break. Showing clearly how and why worry is so addictive, he guides you how to shift through the gears to break the old habits that keep anxiety going, and to unwind the rope that's been coiled around your life.
the book cover for the left brain speaks
5 keys to unlocking your innate creativity - SmartBrief
5 keys to unlocking your innate creativity | SmartBrief
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The Art of Self-Therapy: How to Grow, Gain Self-Awareness, and Understand Your Emotions
Claire Weekes, Extraordinary Life
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Skill Acquisition, New Skills, Language Learners
The Science of Rapid Skill Acquisition par Peter Hollins, Couverture rigide | Indigo Chapters