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Safety tips on travel and seasonal hazards for your dogs and cats!
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a flyer with a dog on it's back and the words, spring lawn and garden dangers for your dog
Spring Lawn and Garden Dangers for Your Dog
If you’re a dog owner, think twice before using fertilizers, insecticides, herbicides and/or fungicides to help your lawn and garden grow — check out the safety risk they can pose to your outdoor dog first.
a sign on the grass that says dangerous flowers for dogs
Dangerous Flowers for Dogs
Are you aware of what flowers are dangerous to pets? While a beautiful flower garden is a delight for all the senses, some of the most common spring flowers can be dangerous to your cat or dog. If ingested, daffodils, tulips and hyacinths can vary in their ability to injure pets. Read about other flowers that can be toxic to dogs in our blog.
the instructions for how to keep your dog safe this spring
Ways to Keep Your Dog Safe this Spring
Do you know the ways to keep your dog safe this spring? Before you tackle spring chores and spend more time outdoors, take time to identify the hazards that may be hiding around your home, in the garage or in your yard and gardens. Then take the necessary steps to keep your dog safe.
Branded graphic featuring a dog sitting in a car. Text overlay on the image reads “Car Safety for Dogs: train your dog to avoid moving vehicles, don’t let your dog ride unrestrained, keep the windows up and child lock on, a car harness or travel crate is essential, acclimate your dog to car rides and if they can’t go into the store, don’t take them on the car ride.” Dog Car Safety, Car Harness, Fun Travel, Dog Safety, Car Rides, Dog Car, Car Safety, How To Train, Car Ride
Car Safety for Dogs
Does your dog love to go along for a car ride? Or are they a homebody headed on a rare road trip soon? Either way, now is a great time to brush up on tips to keep them safe in and around your vehicle. Read more in our blog!
Pet Travel Safety Tips
Whether you're traveling for business or vacation, consider these six questions before bringing your pet with you: Is your pet healthy? Is your destination and route pet-friendly? Will some routes be less stressful for your pet? Should your pet be given a sedative? Do you have an appropriate carrier? Where will your pet travel? #PetTips
A graphic with a photo of a tabby cat on a wall shelf, prowling next to a pumpkin with a witch hat and several smaller pumpkins. Below the photo, there is a red candy wrapper with white text that reads “Halloween treats that are dangerous for pets.” Under this, there is a black background with white text that reads “Do you know which foods are safe for your pet and which ones are not? Visit our blog to learn about these food-based dangers and other peculiar Halloween pet facts.” Halloween Treats, Halloween Candies, What Is Halloween, Halloween Cans, Halloween Animals, Safety Tips, What You Can Do, Your Pet
Halloween Treats That Are Dangerous for Pets
Human treats can be more like tricks for pets! If you’re wondering what Halloween candies and treats are dangerous for pets, visit our blog to learn more, plus read about other peculiar Halloween pet facts!
A series of three graphics that explain Christmas foods that are bad for dogs. Each graphic is on a beige background with a green bar at the bottom and Christmas ornaments decorating the bottom. The list of dangerous foods includes cooked bones, onions & garlic, raisins, fruitcake, grapes, alcohol, chocolate, peppermint, treats containing xylitol or nutmeg, eggnog, pecans, macadamia nuts, walnuts and mashed potatoes. Paw Print Crafts, Chocolate Covered Raisins, Christmas Food Treats, Christmas Foods, Types Of Chocolate, Joyous Celebration, Seasonal Treats, High Fat Foods, Vet Clinics
Christmas Foods to Avoid Giving Your Dog
Do you know what Christmas foods to avoid giving your dog? When celebrating, it’s important to be aware of what foods are OK to give your dog and what seasonal treats dogs should not have. Check out our blog to learn about Christmas foods that your dog should not eat as well as other potential hazards.
A photo of a small black and white kitten with its head downturned staring at an orange jack-o’-lantern pail which is on its side. The cat appears to be on a brown countertop. Behind the cat are dark wooden-planked walls with small paper bat cutouts taped to it. Above the cat’s head is a translucent purple rectangle with white text that reads “Trick? Or Treat? Why Chocolate Is Dangerous for Pets.” Chocolate For Dogs, Dog Ate Chocolate, Yorkie Mix, Dark Chocolate Bar, Veterinary Hospital, Chocolate Diamonds, Pet Safety
Why Chocolate Is Dangerous for Pets
Why is chocolate dangerous for pets, and what should you do if your pet eats it? Check out our blog for everything you need to know about chocolate poisoning in dogs and cats.
A series of graphics sharing holiday food that’s bad for pets. One graphic includes cooked bones, high-fat foods, candy, chocolate and cookies, and food with xylitol, with white icons of fish bones, a gravy boat, candies and a cupcake. Another lists alcohol and eggnog, food with raisins, sultanas or currants, and food with onions and garlic, with white icons of a wine bottle and glass, raisins, onions and garlic. Stomach Issues, Holiday Foods, Human Food, Pet Holiday, Animal Hospital, Pet Safe
Holiday Foods That You Shouldn't Give Your Pet
Wondering what foods you should avoid giving your pet this holiday season? You may be tempted to share a holiday treat with your dog or cat, but these table scraps or human treats can cause stomach issues or worse. Visit our blog to see what holiday foods you shouldn’t give your pet, along with other holiday safety tips.
A graphic featuring a photo of a smiling golden retriever next to a Christmas tree. Christmas lights twinkle in the background. Below the photo, there is dark green shading and illustrations of cups of eggnog and a carton of eggnog. Pale yellow text reads “Putting the ‘Naw’ in Eggnog as a Holiday Treat for Dogs.” Dog Drinks, Creamy Cocktails, Eggnog Recipe, Sick Dog, Dark Rum, Alcohol Content
Know the Possible Dangers If Your Dog Drinks Eggnog
Around the holidays, you may be eager to break out the eggnog, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, but do you know the potential risks of eggnog for dogs? Our blog shares some information about the potential dangers eggnog poses to dogs, and what to do if your dog drinks eggnog.
Carousel of five graphics with imagery of chocolate and pets in Halloween settings. Headline copy reads “Why chocolate is dangerous for your pet and what to know if your pet eats it. Suspect your dog ate chocolate? Call your veterinarian.” Carousel also includes information on what to do if you think your pet ate chocolate, why chocolate is bad for pets and why it can be deadly, why some types of chocolate are more dangerous than others and the signs of chocolate poisoning. Halloween Chocolate, Dog Signs
Why Chocolate Is Dangerous for Cats and Dogs
Halloween is a fun and festive holiday for people, but for pets, it can be scary and even dangerous, especially when chocolate is involved! We've put together this helpful guide to help you better understand the dangers of chocolate when it comes to your dog or cat and what to do in the event they do eat some. #Halloween #Chocolate #PetSafety
Fall Outdoor Dog Tips & Safety
Fall is the season of change and that means changes in your pet’s environment too. Here are some potential pet dangers that you should consider to keep your dog safe in the great outdoors this autumn season. #Fall #DogTips #DogSafety
a dog sitting in the back of a car with its trunk open and text that reads 7 questions to consider for safe travel with your pet
7 Questions to Consider for Safe Travel with Your Pet
If you are thinking about taking your dog or cat with you on vacation, there are some logistics you’ll have to sort out first. When planning to travel with your pet, ask yourself these seven questions to determine how best to travel with them. For more information on traveling safely with your dog or cat, check out our blog! #SummerVacation #PetSafety #Travel #PetTravelTips
an orange cat sitting on top of a white counter
Things You Need to Know About Mouse and Rat Poison to Keep Your Pets Safe
Before buying and placing any mouse and rat poison in or around your home, there are several things every pet owner should know about these products to avoid accidental poisonings. Check out our blog to learn more about keeping your pet safe from mouse and rat poison! #PetSafety #PetTips
a cat peeking out from under a blanket with the words tornado safety tips for pets
Tornado Safety Tips for Pets
The beginning of spring also means the beginning of tornado season in many parts of the country. Here are some tips to keep your pet safe in the event of a tornado. Additionally, make sure to check out our blog for information on how to find your pet if you ever become separated during a tornado or other natural disaster. #PetTips #PetSafety #TornadoSafety