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‘Glee’ by the musical numbers: Maxing out on Michael Jackson
Naya Rivera as Santana Lopez 'Smooth Criminal' ~ Michael
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Welcome Santana's (Naya Rivera) mom Maribel Lopez(Gloria Estefan) into the Glee Family! Multi grammy winner Gloria Estefan is thrilled to be on Glee, Gloria says that she and her daughter have watched the show religously from day one. Santana is her favorite charcter because she is a triple threat with her acting,singing and dancing talents!
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‘Glee’s’ Unforgettable Guest Stars
En Fuego - Ricky Martin guest starred as a Spanish teacher in an episdoe that featured an epic duet with Naya Rivera's Santana Lopez.
Naya Rivera as Santana Lopez in season 4 <3 Santana Lopez Outfits, Glee Santana
GLEE Season 4 Cast Photos - Give Me My Remote
Naya Rivera as Santana Lopez in season 4 <3
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Santana Lopez, #Glee!
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Santana Lopez
Naya Rivera as Santana Lopez - Glee