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hello kitty sitting on the ground with a flower in her hair and wearing a bathing suit
a blue and white tile with an artistic design on the bottom, featuring a butterfly
Delft Petites Fleurs (DEL49) | Douglas Watson Studio
Delft Petites Fleurs (DEL49) | Douglas Watson Studio
a blue and white plate with a butterfly on it's side, in the shape of a flower
English Delft Butterfly 1
Handmade in England. Hand decorated. During the 16th Century a number of Flemish potters settled in England. From this beginning, a delftware industry was born which was to survive some two hundred years. With careful research into archive material Fired Earth has created this range based on those first elusive designs.
two coats of arms and crests are depicted on a blue background, with the words'capulet - montagre'written below them
Capulets and Montagues