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a man sitting in the back of a car next to a leopard and another animal
CR Fashion Book
Mick Jagger in a car with Leopard, photographed by Albert Watson
two men in black and white pose for the camera, one holding another man's back
the silhouette of a woman with her arms spread out in front of her head and hands outstretched
90’s – Pagina 42 – © Pleasurephoto Room
Albert Watson - Michaela Bercu
a monkey with a hat on it's head sitting in front of a white background
Albert Watson – Pagina 2 – © Pleasurephoto Room
Albert Watson, King Casey, New York City, 1992
two people are dancing in the air with their shadows
Sign in
Nadège by Albert Watson - Paris - 1990
a group of men in suits and sunglasses
Альберт Уотсон (Albert Watson) - биография, фотографии, книги
a blurry image of a woman with a red hat on her head and hands behind her back
a black and white photo of a man jumping in the air
Zürich : 'Roids! d'Albert - L'Œil de la Photographie Magazine
Running Man, Luomo Vogue, San Francisco, 1992, polaroid © Albert Watson, courtesy Christophe Guye Galerie