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the tweet is being posted to someone on their cell phone, and it looks like
I lemonsharks Follow My ancestors, watching me dump an entire stick of cinnamon, two cloves, an allspice berry, and a generous grating of nutmeg into my tea, sweetened with white sugar and loaded with cream, while sit in my clean warm house surrounded by books, 25+ outfits for different occasions, and 6 pairs of shoes, in a building heated so well I have the windows open in mid-autumn: Our daughter prospers. We are proud of her. She has never labored in a field but knows riches we could not have imagined. Follow I like this so much better than the idea that our ancestors would be embarrassed or ashamed of us for being "soft" or some crap like that. Follow My ancestors, watching me stuff my face with fried chicken while studying: She eats like an imperial concubine and can afford to study like am imperial scholar. WE MADE IT - iFunny
the poem is written in red and black ink on white paper, with an image of a
the text on the page is clearly visible for all of us to know about it
a i m e e r o s e
a red and white photo with the words listen to music go to gallerys read books buy art smell flowers decorate your life design your soul
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